ChatGPT in Education – Episode 14

ChatGPT in Education

Why be marked by a teacher when you can be critical thinkers yourself?

When you are scrolling through TikTok or Instagram and you are faced with content that you aren’t interested in, you continue scrolling until you find content that captures your interest. The algorithm begins to adjust, gathering information to cater content to your preferences. From the moment you enter you share your gender and geographic location, the app begins sending you videos and content based on the algorithm that matches with people who entered similar personal information. It does begin to ask the question – are algorithms a reflection of the population or is the population a reflection of the algorithms?

I want in on all things education

ChatGPT is the talk of the decade

This question becomes increasingly more important as we begin to learn more about artificial intelligence and the impact it has on youth. ChatGPT is shaping how we can simplify communication. It is a software that will explore the internet, and pieces of writing previously written by the user, to produce a human-like response to any question. Now, schools are afraid of how to monitor plagiarism coming from the use of ChatGPT, particularly for the purpose of writing essays. Schools and teachers are in conversation about whether or not this tool should be used at school. Some believe it should be prohibited by students to prevent academic dishonesty while others believe that it should be embraced to help students to become critical thinkers and understand the biases presented within the content ChatGPT creates.

We consume content daily

Whether it be the news, social media or information exchanged in a casual conversation at lunch. We are faced with so much information everyday. This increases the importance of having students understand how to be more conscious consumers of content and how it influences our perspective of the world. Students need to be taught how to question the information they are digesting to promote a healthy intake of content as AI continues to be integrated into our daily lives. 


At Roots to Routes Academy

We have a high school credit course that is built for us. Integrating AI in our courses to cultivate critical thinkers and promote students to revolutionize their learning as we live in the era of innovation. We offer a Grade 9 Mathematics course with a global curriculum focused on cultural literacy, where all students will learn and receive materials that teach them more about themselves and the world. Our teachers are not only OCT certified, but they reflect the population that they serve. We believe that by creating the space for students to celebrate their uniqueness, students will feel empowered to create change in the world.

If you are interested in our courses and would like to learn more, please pencil in a 30 minute call that works best for you. We would be honoured to hear your story and to learn how to celebrate your child!    

To hear more about Korina’s journey on navigating the education system, her insight as a Black teacher, and as an advocate for her students, listen to our podcast, More Than Just A School on Spotify or through our website here

Let’s create change, one course at a time!

With love, 

Ramya Selladurai

Co-founder of Roots to Routes Academy

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