Unlock Grade 9 Excellence




Grade: 9

Prerequisite: None

Course Dates: Tuesday, July 4, 2023 – Friday, August 18, 2023

Course Type: De-streamed

Language of Study: English or French

The Ontario Curriculum: Grade 9 Mathematics (MTH1W)

Grade 9 math MTH1W was de-streamed in September 2021 to ensure that all students have the opportunity to choose mathematics as a pathway to future careers. In our in-person and online classes, students will develop a profound understanding of mathematical concepts and how it relates to the world. It is important for us to learn about mathematics in a way that highlights African culture and the contributions of all cultural communities around the world. In doing this, our students will begin to view math as a space in which they belong. Our de-streamed course is for all Grade 9 students. This course is available to Grade 8 students entering high school in Fall of 2023. French Immersion students can opt to take the course in French to obtain a French credit towards their Certificate of Bilingual Studies.

Grade 9 Math
Unlock Grade 9 Excellence


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