Is good help truly hard to find?

We are officially in the New Year and our bank accounts might be a reminder of the selflessness of the holiday season. We probably didn’t need to give those gifts, have that party or enjoy all that food, but we did and it felt good. Christmas has always celebrated the spirit of giving – especially to those who are in need. It is a time of self-reflection, cherishing our loved ones, and showing our gratitude for the blessings in our lives. However, it does feel like once the holiday season is over – the spirit of giving is out of the window. Why is it that when we see people who are in need, there’s hesitancy – and sometimes even fear – of providing help to those who are needing it?

I want in on all things education

You might have seen the analogy of the burning house

This became a trendy way to explain to people why “Black Lives Matter”. Of course all houses matter, but when there is a house on fire and nothing is being done to put it out, it is our responsibility to get help to put out the fire. However, by neglecting to help a neighbour with a house on fire, it may spread to the other houses which would also leave you in a position of need. This is why it is imperative to help other communities and social causes that do not directly impact us as Martin Luther King famously said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. This is the foundation of true allyship.

As we approach Black History month

Allyship is a cornerstone that helps build an inclusive and strong community that recognizes Black contributions to History. This is our mission at Roots to Routes Academy – to cultivate allyship within our courses so that all students gain pride in their cultural roots and empathy towards the tribulations of others.

Burning House

At Roots to Routes Academy

We have a high school credit course that is built for us. We offer a Grade 9 Mathematics course with a global curriculum focused on cultural literacy, where all students will learn and receive materials that teach them more about themselves and the world. Our teachers are not only OCT certified, but they reflect the population that they serve. We believe that by creating the space for students to celebrate their uniqueness, students will feel empowered to create change in the world.

If you are interested in our courses and would like to learn more, please pencil in a 30 minute call that works best for you. We would be honoured to hear your story and to learn how to celebrate your child!    

To hear more about Korina’s journey on navigating the education system, her insight as a Black teacher, and as an advocate for her students, listen to our podcast, More Than Just A School on Spotify or through our website here

Let’s create change, one course at a time!

With love, 

Ramya Selladurai

Co-founder of Roots to Routes Academy


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