Enrol in a high school credit course with Roots to Routes Academy to experience a learning environment built for minorities, by minorities. The best part is that your child will remain fully enrolled in their home school as they embark on an exciting journey with us! Engage in a program that prioritizes a global and Africentric curriculum tailored to increase student confidence. Invest in a course where your child will flourish as they learn more about their cultural roots to discover their place in the world. 

Our high school credit courses are made for students who are seeking an opportunity to work towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in a program that celebrates diversity and inclusion. 

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When you enrol your child in one of our courses, they will learn how their culture connects to the course subject. You will access a school that is diverse, academic driven and committed to dismantling systemic barriers in racialized communities. Roots to Routes Academy believes that commitment, dedication and consistency is the foundation needed for your child to reach their full potential. In our courses, your child will receive one-on-one support to develop learning strategies that will help them beyond our classroom walls. 

Your child will have the opportunity to move ahead of their peers or to discover a new elective in their home school by taking a course with us over the summer!

Once your child enrols in one of our courses, they will be immersed in an environment that validates their cultural identity while fostering a renewed passion for learning. Your child deserves an education that makes them feel a sense of belonging. Have your child reap the rewards of connecting with their roots while earning a credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma today!



The education landscape is continuously changing. This is why we have curated podcasts and blog posts just for you. Stay informed with the latest news in Ontario’s education system by listening to content curated by More Than Just a School, our nonprofit designed to address systemic inequity within the Black community.


Not all classrooms have four walls. At Roots to Routes Academy, we want to support you as you explore the academic opportunities that will help your child reach new heights. We recognize that educating a family is just as important as educating a child. Intergenerational knowledge is a tool that helps families navigate the education system so that their children can gain access to more opportunities. 

Access a school community of like-minded teachers who will walk with you,  delivering your child with an education that makes them feel seen, heard and validated. Our team is deeply committed to providing an educational experience that is anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and culturally affirming.

Check out the More Than Just A School podcast that was created by the co-founders of Roots to Routes Academy. Become more aware of the conditions of our public schools and how we can continue to rise against systemic barriers —  together. Listen to our podcast to learn how you can navigate your child’s schools with confidence and ease now!

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Grade: 9

Prerequisite: None

Course Type: De-streamed

Language of Study: English or French 

Explore the global contributions of mathematics through stories, create an algorithm with coding, refine basic computational skills and develop problem solving and algebraic skills. Our de-streamed course is for all Grade 9 students. This course is available to Grade 8 students entering high school in Fall of 2023. French Immersion students can opt to take the course in French to obtain a French credit towards their Certificate of Bilingual Studies.



“I have to be honest – I’ve been doing French since Grade 1 and this has been one of my smoothest years. This course was very well taught.”

Grade 9 | French Immersion

“Ms. Reynolds is an amazing teacher who has not only taught me about so many things but is also a kind-hearted person who helps students and others get through difficult times. I was so lucky to have her as a teacher.”

Grade 10 | Mathematics

“I really really appreciated the dedication and care that my teacher applied to that course. Throughout the duration of this course it was evident how important our education was to her. After all of my years in school, I’m not sure I have never met a teacher who loves teaching as much as her and that showed through her innovative assignments”

Grade 9 | Civics & Careers

Roots to Routes Academy exists to ensure that every Black student in Ontario can access an education that helps them build confidence in their academic abilities. 

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