Is it Mental Health?

Is it Mental Health?

This episode is dedicated to all parents who have gone through many hardships and have thrived through it all and yet still don’t understand why their children are having mental health issues and how they didn’t. Well, Korina and Ramya have made it easy to understand in this episode of “Is it Mental Health?” with their 5 step process on how to help your children achieve their full potential! Also, if you are interested in learning more about the Mental Health Line BeanBagChat, please check out their page here.

Why didn’t we have Mental Health issues?

As a parent, you have gone through a lot in life and worked your way up the social ladder. But now, you are at a point where you can provide your child a life that is easier than the one you lived. Why is your child going through mental health issues when you have experienced and handled much more in life? 

I want in on all things education

Now, hear me out. I am sure you grew up hearing your parents saying how your generation is “becoming soft”

The fact is, each generation has encountered different hardships. It is a privilege for your child to be able to reflect on their place in the world because their basic needs are met. You should applaud yourself for the good parenting you have done! But, as you know, a parent’s work is never truly done. Your child is not needing to work a job to meet their basic needs of survival (i.e. food, water, etc.). Your child also feels safe at home, loved by you and the family and might even be gaining confidence in their own skin. So, now our children are looking at the next level in the Maslow’s hierarchy – self-actualization.

When love and belonging is being met in a household

Children are then looking to find respect, self-esteem and recognition from their education in order to feel confident in themselves to believe in their ability to impact change in the world. They are looking for this connection in their curriculum to understand their purpose, their passion and the career they should pursue in order to feel fulfilled.

Our children have evolved to find happiness in an environment that allows them to seek these next steps (because of all the hard work you have made to create this space!). But, the education system hasn’t provided these resources for our children to explore their future aspirations. If you believe and understand the urgency for our children to find that fulfilled future, Korina and I are here to provide a solution. 

Is it Mental Health?

At Roots to Routes Academy

We have a high school credit course that is built for us. We offer a Grade 9 Mathematics course with a global curriculum focused on cultural literacy, where all students will learn and receive materials that teach them more about themselves and the world. Our teachers are not only OCT certified, but they reflect the population that they serve. We believe that by creating the space for students to celebrate their uniqueness, students will feel empowered to create change in the world.

If you are interested in our courses and would like to learn more, please pencil in a 30 minute call that works best for you. We would be honoured to hear your story and to learn how to celebrate your child!    

To hear more about Korina’s journey on navigating the education system, her insight as a Black teacher, and as an advocate for her students, listen to our podcast, More Than Just A School on Spotify or through our website here

Let’s create change, one course at a time!

With love, 

Ramya Selladurai

Co-founder of Roots to Routes Academy

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