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The French Program in Ontario

The French Program

There are 3 streams of French Program in Ontario in which your child may be enrolled in throughout their elementary and secondary school education. The Early French Immersion Program, the Late Immersion Program and the Core French Program. All three of these options are offered both in the catholic and public sectors. There is one other enrollment option, where your child could attend a completely French School. In this blog we will go through the different French Programs in Ontario, how to know if your child is fit for these programs, what are the resources for both Anglophone and Francophone parents and the benefits of enrolling in extracurricular experiences for your child.

What is the French Immersion Program? – Episode 2

What is the French Immersion Program?

In this episode, we share our insight on the French Immersion program to help you decide if it would be a right fit for your child. Our sponsor for this episode is Il ├ętait une fois bookstore. If you are interested in getting in contact or visiting their store, checkout their website for more details. To celebrate French learning, we have collaborated with il ├ętait une fois to offer gift card giveaways! Stay tuned to learn more details on our socials to be the first to take advantage of our limited time offer!

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